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BEIJING LIONEL CO. located in BEIJING, is a prominent manufacturer,retailer and wholesaler of Chinese Arts and Crafts.Our Chinese Arts and Crafts includs: Chinese shadow show (shadow ,image),Paper-cut (paper-cutting,papercut),Silk Figurines (figurine,statuette,image statue,statuary,glyph,graven image),Embroidery(embroider,orphrey,broidery,needlecraft,needlework,crewel work,woolwork),Chinese Painting(drawing,paint,picture),Lacquer Ware(lacquerware,lacquer,lacquerwork),Art Insect Model, Antique Furniture(furniture,housefurnishings,suite,fitment),Woodcarving (woodcarving, wood carving,xyloglyphy),Yixing Zisha teapots,Sanitaryware (sanitary ware,wash basin,sink lavatory,wash bowl,pedestal basin,bathroom,toilet,bidet,shower) Household Ceramics.we will update and show other Oriental/Chinese art and craft.
Our fine Arts and Crafts are made from all over china. Our clients consist of department stores, specialty stores, interior designers, and decorators from all over the world. Our wide selection of handmade Art and Craft from classic China designs to exciting contemporary designs; all created with the finest natural materials.Offering excellent service, quality merchandise, and great values.
This website showcases only a sample of our extensive inventory. If you are unable to find your ideal Art and Craft on our website,please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you find the perfect Art and Craft among our varied and ever-changing inventory. We are always introducing new designs, and we can find the perfect Art and Craft for you.



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