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Silk Figurines

silk figurinesBeijing silk figurines(figurine,statuette,imagestatue,statuary,glyph,graven image)is a Chinese traditional handicraft. It was originated from the Northern Song Dynasty of China with a Long history of more than 1,000 years.
Beijing silk figurines have their materials from the characters of folk a stories loved by common people in China; such as ancient beauties, dramatic figurines and modern dancers, etc. are being used as the subjects. Through fine handwork of some ten processes in carving, color painting, sewing and straightening out of costume property and head ornaments, etc, done by the artist, a true-to-life shape and lifelike stereoscopic figure is finally finished, From head to feet and from interior to exterior, top quality Chinese silk and spun gauze are being selected for the application, hence it has attained the name of "silk figurine".
Beijing silk figurines are exquisitely made, bearing different expressions, bright and colorful and elegant in style. It is not only a rare specimen of indoor ornament, but is also a stereoscopic picture for understanding Chinese history local conditions and customs, which really has very high admiration value


Silk Figurines Gallery 1

Silk Figurines Gallery 2


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