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Lacquer Ware

Lacquer WareChina lacquer ware (lacquerware,lacquer,lacquerwork) raw materials of the work are rarefied, and subtle techniques are used in each works' processing. Wooden bodies are made of dried superfine pines and are putted on with hemp or pasted with paper and cloth, then covered with plaster according to designs. Each course is polished in order to be neat, fixed, damp-proof and easy to paint. Paint layers are divided into three courses: bottom lacquer, mid lacquer and face lacquer, and each of them need to be polished.
China lacquer ware including: 3000 varieties of works, including screen, cabinet, table, stand, box and plate made with traditional techniques of inlaying, painting, etching, coromandel, cover-coating, wrapping with jades and stones and breaking veins.

Lacquer Ware Gallery 1

Lacquer Ware Gallery 2

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