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EmbroideryChinese 4 famous embroidery (embroider,orphrey,broidery,needlecraft,needlework,crewel work,wool work), In this website, we introduce Beijing-embroidery. Beijing-embroidery has long-standing history. Ití»s ornament and dress and personal adornment by palace in the successive dynasties, the cloth and silk of the high quality, highly skilled, literary pursuits style, beautiful and expert, possess of characteristic of tradition Chinese beautiful and it must be in yours good graces. it includes 3 types of a general idea. (the palace dress, modeled after an antique embroider-small pieces of cloth, embroider-cushion)
The content of the tradition pattern of modeled after an antique embroider-small pieces of cloth is: supernatural being congratulate on his or her birthday, like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, the boy prostrate oneself before the image of Kwan-yin Bodhisattva , one hundred children pattern, one hundred the god of longevity pattern, nine dragons in sea, two dragons playing with a pearl and dragons-phoenix present lucky etc.
The pattern of the four-leaf screen is: the figures, the water from a mountain plume and flowers and plants etc.
The pattern of the figures is: ,dream of the red chamber, like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women.
The pattern of the scenery is: The water from a mountain, the painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style etc.
The embroider-small pieces of cloth has many model and form, which is includes: the round the square the hexagon and the rectangle etc.
The embroider-cushion is the practical products, ití»s more than ten pattern

Embroidery Gallery 1

Embroidery Gallery 2

Embroidery Gallery 3


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