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Art Insect Model

art insect modelArt Insect model are made by natural and logical materiel, the target we are looking for is getting into a perfect combine of the nature with the art and the creation of the products filled with a new idea. They are made of clay, metal wire and recycled paper. other materials used are polystyrene, tree barks, feathers and harmless with no-poison. These products are made from the bases of imitation and then utilize the exaggerated methods to create a complete decorative effect. The products possess multi-mode: hang, insert, put in some place as you want, attract by magnet. They are formed really superior handicraft in quality filled with a new idea for decoration, education, and admiration. They are used in hotels, shopping malls, school, offices, meeting rooms and domestic decoration.

Art Insect Model Gallery 1

Art Insect Model Gallery 2

Art Insect Model Gallery 3

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