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This is Beijing lionel Co.
We never send email by other mail box.
The telephone of Beijing China is:+86-10-xxxx xxxx.
We never ask any clients act as an agent or any other cooperation.

What is Fraud Email:
Please be aware of some fraud email that have been circulating on the internet recently. this type of email has already affected the some of world's leading webistes including Yahoo,Ebay,Amazon, including our website.someone told people that they are staffs of our website to racketeer.In fact we hava no any staff beyond the sea.
The people who send emails hope that unsuspecting recipients will reply to the email or click on a link contained in the email, and sumbmit sensitive presonal in formation in fake feedback forms.
Please be cautious when responding to any eamil request for sensitive personal informatioin.

such as:from brownlee1997@nyc.com Mr Brown Lee. Mr Lue Wong <luewongcompanymail@yahoo.com> luewong_1@yahoo.com luewong@virgilio.it luewong_1@yahoo.com

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